Location: Lab
OS: 2K

Here is the deal. This computer is old, I mean OLD! but, it runs like a champ. Today it started messing up; it was beeping.
I mean, like, fast beeping. I have no idea what the beeping means, but I know that when the screen comes up, it is beeping in sync with the memory count.
I changed out the memory stick thinking that was the problem... nope.
I can't even get into the BIOS to change things.


might be a dram refresh failure (you already tried that)
the beeps are talkin to ya. count them and note wether or not thy seem long or
short. then look up the beep codes for your particular bios. It could be somthing
as simple as the battery on the main board went bad.. and just happens to be
soldered in.. ive had it happen. If troubleshooting fails, double check the
keyboard to ensure that the keys of unholy doom arent stuck and replace if all
else fails (just to illiminate the possibility) good luck operator faye faye. here are
some links. ;)


ok these beeps people are called post errors

a:how many beeps? and how long are they?
b: what bios is it using?

I'd have to argue the fact that these beeps ARE called beep codes...

Check you're video memory. That seems to be the most likely cause of the beeping.

Groups of beeps are error codes

Ultrafast beeps in time with memory count sounds more like a stuck key or keyboard error. I had that once when the wife dumped a pepsi into my keyboard and didn't tell me... She cleaned it all up.... was her response...

Unplug your keyboard and reboot.

Sorry, I should not have bothered to post this...

SUroot revived a dead thread...

It sounds like a key is stuck down or, I had a problem one time where the Keyboard on a AT MB, was not plugged in all the way, and it make continous beeps in sync with the memory count.

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