I have an old pc and it shows windows/system32/config/system file missing. I don't know much about pc's and really need to fix this. I don't have any kind of back up cd's or recovery disks(pc was given to me as is) It just would'nt start one day. I have pics of my son on it and he passed away! If it can be saved , I would really love to save it! He was teaching me about pc's when he got sick. If it can't be saved , I want to just get it going to use for other pics. I really am going nuts over this! All I know about the pc is it had windows98 on it.

Thanks so much


Hi Angie,

First sorry for your loss.

first thing is to get the pics off.if you have access to another PC take the HDD out of yours and there is a jumper on the back.set it to slave and hook it to another computer then you can access the drive and get the pics off if you have a cd burner burn them to disk.

that would be the easiest way because if something goes wrong trying to repair the config file you could lose your pics.and unless you have a 98 install disc it will be hard to repair.

I know you think I'm slow! But I don't know what a HDD is,or slave! I don't know much, my son was teaching me and now I'm teaching myself! Thank you

Thats alright we all learned this stuff.

HDD is your Hard drive that is what has your operating system and stuff on it.

now the slave part is on the back where you will have a ribbon cable a power plug plugged in.the jumpuers are for setting a HDD to either master - slave - cable select (CS).master is the norm some brand names set theres to CS.slave is used when putting in a second HDD.

go here it has pictures if your like me it helps better than a explanation.LOL

ask if you need any help understanding Okay.