I have a Dell Dimension 4700. It has 512mb of DDR2 RAM. I would like to upgrade to 2 sticks of 1GB each so that I will have a total of 2GB. I think I'm gonna get rid of my 512mb that I have now because its 400mhzt and I wanna get 533mhzt so i guess its smart to do that. Is it?
I was wondering about the voltage I need because there are many different options. I looked on newegg.com and they have a bunch of different voltages like 1.8V, 1.9V, 2.0V, and I even saw up to 2.25V. so I wanted to know which one I need for my computer. Thank you for your help. -Jake

do a google search for crucial memory and tell thier wizard your pc make and model and it wil show you all compatble choices.

Thanx guys. I am wondering if its an error when it sais that I can use DDR2 PC2-6400 (DDR2 800 mhtz) cuz thats just really great if its true but i always thought it goes only till PC-5300 (DDR2 533mhzt).
Can someone please clarify if I can use PC-6400?
Thank you all for your help.

jake...if Crucial lists it as compatible with your computer you can take it to the bank.

Just to make sure that you didn't list it being the C or MCE model I checked them as well...they're all capable of using PC6400.

sweet! thats very exciting news! so I'm gonna upgrade with 800mhtz DDR2 memory! woohoo!
Thanks everyone!

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