hi guys,

i've got a one year old vaio vgn-tx17gp series, the one with the 11.1'' screen. the machine works great, i'm very happy with it.... last time when i was playing in AV MODE one of my DVD's (i was flying), the movie just stopped....freezed...there was nothing i could do... i thought that maybe the dvd was a little bit scratched and the only thing i could do was shuting it down from the ''green button''.. i thought that maybe i should play the dvd from windows's media player..i restarted, it booted normally and i started the film with mplayer9 and the movie was stuttering like 10 fps....then i was sure it was the dvd-rom....AND IT FREEZED AGAIN...and after that my computer won't start again -ever-...it doesn't even show me the password entry when i start it....SO: when i press the ON/OFF button the laptop starts, the dvd-rom starts (i can hear it) but the screen stays black..and that's it..
today, after 2 weeks i just tried it once more and it WORKED...but it freezed at the startup...so please..anybody just a little suggestion? if it was the BIOS it would be okay...but i can't even come to the point where i could set my BIOS up to date...so i'm afraid it is the motherboard right?? please if there's anybody... 10x alot

i tried to get out my rams and it started but freezed again.....and now it won't charge either...my god

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Perhaps hard drive failure.


I can help you with all these issues you are having with your laptop, infact I am working on alot of TX and TXN right now, your freezing issue and not booting up is from your motherboard and your battery not charging is your battery has went bad where you have't charged your battery for so long those batteries inside battery drops the voltage overtime and when they go down less then 2.5volt eprom in battery shutsdown battery circuit since it see this as malfunction in battery that is why you should always keep your battery charged.

on the motherboard there is problem with BGA chip which is casuign this.


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