hi everyone, this is my first thread, and I am hoping that someone can help, I am looking for mainbard drivers for a

AcerMate 5120
Model M520DN
M/Btype V50LAIN

I am trying to get this older machine going for my 5& 6yr old nice and nephew for a first computer until they get the hang of it,:)
Many thanks in Advance

Susan Wilde (Wilde)

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Hi Susan, Posting your email address on a public forum like this is inviting the world to send you every possible type of spam. Hopefully a moderator will see this and delete it for your protection.

I'm still trying to find drivers for that motherboard, this one is a challenge.


I tried using a software to help me get drivers easily. Go to the following site www.download.com and download the following software (Everest) run it in the computer u looking the drivers for. select system and that will display all the hardware configuration of the computer on the right side u will see the listing of all the hardware, u can then click on the hardware that has the missing drivers and it will give u an option to download the necessary drivers. Bera in mind that the PC where u are doing this must be connected to the internet or else the download wont occur.

Well at least worked for me lets hope the same for u.;)


if you bought the whole system then a cd should have came with it
look on the cd if any software is included that auto updates and flashes the mobo

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