I own a Big Red PC which seems to have a noisy fan. The deal is that as the temperature rises there is a whining noise, then as time goes by the casing starts to vibrate, and the end sound is almost like a motorbike. The fan is a nydec DC 12V 0.42A. Is this likely to be the fan, and are nydec fans reliable? Is there anything I can do to reduce the noise? Is there any other fan I can use?


You probably just need to replace the fan. Fans can be replaced with most any 80mm (or same size) fan available on the market. When picking fans, you can choose the amount of noise by the dB (decibel) level they produce.

your fan's bearing are probaly going out, because once they start wearing out, it starts to vibrate.

Either that or there is dust on the vanes of the fan, causing them to be out of balance. Clean them if there is.

Check to see if the vanes are nicked on the leading edge; I had an old computer that one of the vanes on the case fan had gotten nicked fairly bad by something being stuck in it by a previous owner. This caused the case to shake and sound like an old car. Replacing the fan fixed the problem.

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