Hi, i read many post lately but none seem to answer my problem. i got a pc that was working great for the last 4 months or so... and yesterday, when i was playing i heard some kind of electric surcharge or something like that in or at the the back of my computer. Since then my pc wont reboot, hopefully i have an old computer to keep posting and serch answer on the internet. I have a good power supply enermax 460 W . The green led on the motherboard w'ont light up. I have tried disconnecting the cable and other peripherals in the pc to make test but still no green light. Is my power supply dead or my motherboard? I have a asus m2n e motherboard with enermax 460 W power supply , ATI radeon x1900 gt , 2 x x 512 corsair in dual channel , AMD dual core 4200 + with the am2 socket. CAn somebody help me please?

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yeah firstly unplug from the wall and try some new fuses

if that doesnt fix it then its either the PSU or motherboard

Try attaching the Enermax PSU to the the older model you have, that'll be a good test to determine if the PSU died, which, I've found, is typically the first to go. :\

Note the potential situation the motherboard could have been damaged additionally: Interchange the old machine's PSU just to see the green light, and maybe attach the minimal components to get the thing functioning.

Hope this helps, keep us posted.

Hi, its me, i have tried the enermax psu in the other mobo and the gree light lights up but it flash constently. I have tested the power suply with a multimeter and there is no 12 V so i will go to the store and change the psu to see if it work.thanks to all

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