Hi, i'm having trouble booting my computer up. When i try to boot it up, it shuts off by itself after a few seconds. If it goes longer, it gets to about the Windows loading screen, and then the monitor says "No Source" and then i have to reboot again. I usually have to repeat this process 10x or better every time i start it up after it has been shut down. I occasionally hear little ticks or whines in the case while the windows booting screen starts loading. Any ideas?

Motherboard: Asus K8V-X SE
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+ 2.70 GHz
System type: 32-bit OS
Memory RAM: 1023 MB (1 GIG)
OS: Windows Vista Home Prem.
GFX Card: nVidia GForce 6600 GT (non-PCI)
Hard Drive(s): 2xSATA 80 Gig WD Hard drives (1 primary, has windows on it; 1 2nd drive, for media storage)
CD/DVD: 2x Pioneer CD/DVD Burner Combo drives
Sound Card: Creative SB Live! Value (WDM)

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Hard disk Drive?

Yep...sounds like a hard drive. Can you check the SMART status in the BIOS? If you can't find it try downloading Everest, open it and click on computer in the screen on the right, click on summary, go down to storage and check the hard drive SMART status.

SMART Hard Disks Status: Unknown

Turns out it was the power supply. It came with the Xion II (Black w/ green lights) case. I just bought a new 500watt Smart Power supply and its running like a charm :)

im happy for ya m8 now i have my own problems ='-S

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