Hey there! I'm trying to install a nvidia Geforce4 video card Mx440se ddr 64m/tv/pci on a pentium 2 slot one 256 ram 120 meg HD with Xp window
on boot it show's the Xp loading and the screen goes blank. the only setting in the bios are for AGP, PCi, palette snooping which is disabled, & 256 mg is enable, seem that I may have a internal problem? Jumper? or Xp issue? please help! Tim

Did the computer work before the video card was installed? Did you install the video card drivers yet?

If video card drivers WERE installed, try booting your computer into safe mode. (Sorry, I forgot what to press when Windows loads to get into safe mode). Once in safe mode, uninstall the video card drivers.

What type of video did you have in it before

I didn't have a video card installed ever, I,ve tried several, a 4mb matrox, a 32mb generic, none have work, not much options in the bios, as far as video selection, just palette snooping, which i disable, 256 mb option, 64 mb option, and whether you have an AGP, or pci could there be a jumper on the motherboard ?

most likely a jumper on the board ,do you know the make and model # of the board .

all I know is it's a slot 1 board dont know the brand that Gateway used for their ATX case, I have been looking for the serial no# on this bloody thing! I only found one jumper on the board, and thats it, I really haven't torn it appart yet

If its not boldly right in front of you ,look along the outer edge,and in between the PCI slots

I found one thats a three pin jumper thats in the normal mode setting, the others are config, recovery. I,ve been sifting through board specs on the intel site with no luck, there are hundreds! thanks for the help I will keep at it! Tim,

The program Adia32 ,should tell you the name of the motherboard ,and everything else on the computer .downloade it here .the personal system info one in the middle ,install and run ,