Ok... on my computer, i have a crappy creative labs 4x2x24 burner burning @ 1x. I'm using brand name german gasf cdrs and am burning them on my burner. It works on all of my computers except for my laptop's DVD player (500 dollar piece of shit! shoulda gotten burner). I called compaq technical support and they said to flash the bios and call them back if it doesn't work. If it doesn't, then they'll send me a new dvd player :)

Any suggestions or whatever? I'm gonna try a few tests before i flash da bios, but uhh, that's bout it. This happen to anyone else?

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I would just take the new drive. New is better cuz it dosent have the wear and tear like the old one.

If your emotionally attached to the drive, then i would suggest finalizing the cd when you burn it, and then testing it on the computer. Catch ya on the flip side...


lol... might, i'm gonna have my dad test out da cdr's @ his work 2morrow 2 make sure that it's something with the DVD. hmm, i'm gonna go look if i burned any more gasf cd's and if they work in da dvd. Catch ya on da last side... lol


IT WORKS!!! hmm... got to figure out why it didn't work with the other cd.

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