well i have been burning my dvds videos with nero 7 ultra edition and i never have had a problem but, yesturday i was burning a dvd copy and it was half way like 60% done with the dvd. and then it said that it couldnt read the data it it didnt burn the complete dvd no more i dont know why it said this it never happened and just today i tried burning anther dvd and it was half way too and it said the same thing i dont know why whats wrong with the nero program any help guys????????? please asap. i would really apreacite it I JUST attached my log from the failed burn so you guys can see it hope you guys can really help me ok thanks.

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Try a different media or another utility. DVD Shrink is freeware that will work, or you can get a free trial of DVDFab.

This is strange, this is the second thread that I've read this evening ragarding Nero 7.


I'm using nero 7 ultra and recently when i burn a movie it shuts my computer down, it also takes much loner than it use to, as wll as only giving 4.3Gs of space for a 4.7g disc.


Hi leonardg33 and welcome to Daniweb,
You have hijacked an old thread from Mar 16th, 2007.
Try the suggestions on this thread and if you have no success start your own thread and supply more details on your machine, OS and the problem. The more information you supply the better chance of someone here being able to assist you.

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