Not shure if this is the correct place for this but here it goes.

I got my son a CD-RW, but recently its not been working, when ejected the tray hardly comes out, ive opend it up and what i think, is that when ejected the part with the laser on makes the tray stick, however i could be wrong, becuase when its down the tray has diffuculty moving at all.

Could someone please help me out?
if you need any further information just ask.


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I dont think this is the right place, but could be. Anyways, some laptop optical drives only pop out a little so it doesnt get hurt <the drive>. Maybe somehow you got a laptop drive for your son? Anyways, if you go to the place you got it from, even if it isnt warrantied by the seller, they would probably try to act human and at least get you an exact exchange of the drive.


Dude...you opened a new drive? You just voided the warranty for it. If you were having problems with the drive, you could have just taken it back to where you bought it from and got a replacement. OPening a device voids its warranty....


He's just admitted to yanking the tray out than ramming it back in while it was trying to eject..So, its out of alignment methinks..i've been trying to re-align it but yeah, harder than it looks.

Its like one of those damn puzzle's.

By the way this is for a PC not a laptop, i should have specified that

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