Hello everyone

I just received a Totem TM-S630LM motherboard.
Problem is that this company seems to have vanished and
I need the drivers and the manual for this board.

This is quite a capable board - it has built in audio, video
and network, and is in a miniATX form factor. It could
make a really nice computer - I have a P-III 800MHz CPU,
128MB+256MB RAM, hard drives - the works! I'll add to it
a USB2 PCI card and a 802.11g USB2 wireless adapter and
it'll be my living room PC :-) (hopefully...)

I'm trying to install this board, but I don't know where to
SPEAKER connectors from the chassis to the board. These
connectors don't have their names printed on the board,
so it's impossible to know what to connect to what.

I also need the drivers, since I cannot find any relic to this
company on the internet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

You can download the manual here.

And you can find the drivers here.

I found both of these on my first attempts of googling, you could have also.