I have Compaq Presairo 2500 , and suddenly while working the screen frozed and i restart it by holding the Power botton .

then when starting .. it went to the page which ask if you want to log in to Safe mode , Safe mode with networking , start windows normally .... etc .

as soon as i click any of the options .. it will show the WINDOWS XP logo and then get a blue screen and start again from all over . and again will go to prompt page and so on .

i was about to re-install the windows XP again but i still hope if i can recover my data before formatting .

Hope there will be a solution to my problem .



SInce May I hope you have your issue solved with the Compaq 2500 not booting up. I just joined the forum and have the same laptop and have had similar issues. Is yours fixed?

Hi jfarc ,

yes hopfully the problem is solved after i used the System Restore CD .

it will fix your problem.

try it

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