I have a custom-built Gateway PC here that I used to use for several years in the early 90's. Since then it's been sitting in my closet and recently i decided to resurrect it and install linux on it. I turned it on and the computer started beeping non-stop. Seemed to happen in about 1 second intervals for as long as the comptuer was powered up. I got annoyed so i unplugged the speaker from the motherboard temporarily because it was so loud and persistant. Secondly, nothing is showing up on the moniter. I've switched ports for the video card and used a different video card and different moniter a few times, but still no luck. All fans, power units, lights, drives, and moniter are powered and running when I turn the computer on.

A few specs:

OS: Windows 98SE
80GB free disk space
CD drive, CD-RW drive, and floppy drive installed
Not sure of the models, but i have a video, sound, and modem card plugged in.

I've searched many other forums including this one with no light shed on the situation.
--It doesn't matter if everything gets erased/reformatted because there's nothing valuable on it anymore.--
Thanks to anyone who can spare some advice :mrgreen:

-Dan S.

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Contstant beeping means CPU can't find any RAM. Open box up and see if any RAM is present. Then borrow it back!


If the power supply isn't supplying the proper voltage it would look as if there was no RAM present. Another possiblity is that the RAM was damaged. I would look at the supply 3.3 vots to the board. The beeping suggests a front end problem i.e. work out from the power supply to find the difficulty.


dbell: thats a large possibility being that it's been nearly 8 years since i've last used the computer, something might be wacked with the power supply.Thanks.

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