I just aqiured a toshiba tecra 9000,--1.2ghz--takes pc133 memory
i dons't have a hard drive nor any memory.
When i press the on button the power ligh comes on, but no screen.
So i tried putting in a stick of pc 100 and got a "please remove incompatible memory from slot a" or somthing simular.
Ok i thought it just needs pc133 to get to the bios screen.
But when i put in the pc133 and turn on the laptop the screen stays blank--power light comes on, but thats it, no beeps or anything.

Is it becuase there is no Hard drive in the slot?
Shouldn't i at least get to the bios screen anyway??
Could it be the cmos battery needs to be changed?
I got the "incompatiable memory screen" so the lcd screen works

confused...please help.
I got a caddy and hard drive comming next week, plus some more memory.

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no to the empty HD slot, U hav'nt got far enough to where that might matter.
BIOS screen, yes you should be able to do that.
a CPU can be fried, usually with a voltage overload/spike, etc.
low batt.? just how old is this "acquired" anyway. a decent batt. should last for a few years.
bad ram? possible but unlikley. most major repair centers have the means to check RAM modules. a bad BIOS is probable, if it's intergrated with the board it's a manuf.'s problem.

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