I have an IBM NetVista personal computer 8314, and I bought a Western Digital Cavier SE EIDE 160GB which I already had Windows XP Home installed. When I put it in my IBM personal computer, the computer won't boot up.
I get a message saying that Windows hasn't started successfully because of a headware or software change or something, and it askes me to start Windows in safe mode, start Windows normally or start Windows with last known working settings.
I'm not sure if the hard drive needs to be IBM compatible. I installed all the IBM drivers I needed for my computer and it still does the samething. I don't really know what else to do. My hardware specs are as followed. Any other information neededm, let me know.

Current Working Specs:
Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz (512KB)
Creative Soundblaster 24-bit Live
PCI Microtower (3x5)
Intel Extreme Graphics
48x CD-ROM, Intel 10/100 Ethernet
Windows XP Professional

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which I already had Windows XP Home installed.

because of a headware or software change

So you installed windows on another PC? Then Windows will be looking for hardware from that PC, but since it is in your IBM it won't find it. That's the problem.

regards Niek

It is windows protection that wouldn't allow you to use copy of windows on different machine. You must install YOUR copy of windows on that machine. (Try "repair windows" from the Windows Setup CD)

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