Recently my computer has had this problem that when i turn it on it starts up normally for about 15 secs and then it freezes at the windows XP screen( when it freezes the windows xp logo is faded).
Sometimes when i reset my computer by holding the power button and then turn it back on, my screen doesnt seem to respond to my vga card it simply goes back to "sleep" as if it was unplugged from the pc.
and i dont know why but this doesnt happen when you let the computer rest or something for 5 mins.

Please help me
Thanks in advance.

My PC specs are

Windows Xp Media Center Edition
Intel P4 Dual CPU 2.80 GHZ
2.0 GB of Ram
250GB Samsung SP2504C
Nvidia GeForce 6200SE with TurboCache

I could think of couple of things:


If your VGA is not embedded in your motherboard you can try and re-seat it. (it does sound like bad VGA-mobo connection)

Worst case scenario would be toasted VGA. (or mobo, if embedded)


Wrong settings or faulty memory could cause windows pre-boot freeze.
Same goes for over clocked machines. (OCing messes up the memory timings).


Lack of power/voltage can do that too.


Overheating your CPU could freeze the machine and make you wait for it to cool off before it can work again. Check the heatsink/fan.