I have been trying to get this card to work and keep running into problems. When I first installed it just didn't work but I got past that and now... well first some stats.

AMD athlon 3200+
BFG Tech nForce4 Ultra motherboard
2x 512 MB DDR2 dual channel (memtesteed as ok)
PNY Geforce 7600 PCIe 512mb

So now when I install a driver I get a response in the device manager that says "This device cannot start (code 10)". I pegged it as a driver problem but I can't figure out which driver i should be using. The nvidia site sucks and PNY sucks worse. I downloaded some drivers from Nvidia and I installed one after another.

At one point it was working but when I tried to run a game (Medieval II) it worked fine for a few minutes and then the screen stopped and displayed graphical artifacts that appeared as vertical rectangles appearing around any active object on screen. Then it hung for a moment and the monitor turned off, but I could still hear the sound.


Well, i have exactly the same problem, and updating my Chipset Drivers definitly helped, but the problem is fixed, i usually crash after around 4-6 strait hours of gaming

ShadeOfGreen, do you have enough power? The Gefore 7xxx needs a really powerful PSU.

w4Hagen, sounds like overheating

Actually, The 7600 only needs a 300 watt PSU,
I thought the issue was overheating, but after trying many differnet fans, and even keeping the case open and having a room size fan blowing on it, the problem stil occurs, However, i am thinking it could be my small (350 watt) PSU.................

My dell dimension only has 205 :( doesnt run anything above a radeon x300 lol