I have a maxtor 6Y120P0 IDE drive and I restarted my computer and it isnt recognized anymore. It still says it is there in the device manager but it doesnt show up in my computer. This drive has like everything on it. I need to find like a driver or something but so far wasnt successful its been like 15 mins of google searching here and its really frustrating the hell out of me.

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No Im going to try it out. It is really frustrating me because I can see the drive in my Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management dialog but it doesnt show up in My computer. Also with the holidays dont really have a lot of time to troubleshoot. Im going for every available option before I reformat.


I fixed the problem by running a program called Super Fdisk which is free. It boots off a floppy and right away told me there were problems with the disk. It fixed them and now everything works fine. I think the problem came about when I was trying to install FreeBSD on a USB drive and did the command fdisk -BI to the wrong device.

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