I just built this computer a couple days ago, Its an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processer with built in sound and video on the motherboard. I have a spider-man coolant case and an DVD rw/CD-rw drive and a basic disc drive. No one wants to buy windows again, so i took the windows xp hardrive out of my other desktop so i could run it on my newly built comptuer but when I turn it on its gets to the loading screen and then turns blue says some stuff which i cannot read then restarts..
can anyone help me? ive checked all the ram, its fine, and ive checked the video on the motherboard and its fine....

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Most likely cause for your BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is because the different motherboard chipsets. Going from a Intel chipset to a NForce chipset, for example, usually results in BSOD's. Recommend doing a repair install of Windows. That should flush out the old hardware configurations and install the new ones.

How would i go about doing that ?

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