ok, so heres the deal. for the last few months, ive been on my brother's computer since mine needs maintenance. ive left his computer with the settings of no screen saver, thats kind of it. everynight, instead of turning off the computer, id put it on standby. id do this for atleast a week long. then turn it off, n leave it on standby again for a long time.

just yesterday, as i got back from school, the computer seemed to be on standby. i tried moving the mouse, but it wudnt get out of standby. so i hold the power button to force the computer off. when i try and turn it back on, it wud. but then nothing wud come up on the monitor, the mouse n keyboard wont work or show light. i take off all the plugs, n notice that the light on the motherboard wud turn off after about 2 minutes. so i left the computer off, with no plugs for the whole night. the next morning, roughly 10 hours later i put the power plug back on. the green light stays longer.

thats it so far. any tips or hints? is it dead, do i need a new power supply? how much are they, and can i get them at my local best buy/ circuit city?

Sounds to me like it your power supply.

You can either go out and buy a tester usually for about $15-20 USD depending on what country you live in and test that and make sure that is the problem.

Or you can just go straight out and buy a new PSU for about $30-50 USD and try that although unless you test the PSU first then there is no way of telling if this is the acctual problem.

Have you added in any new drives or anything recently because they can often cause problems if you have an older smaller psu.