Hi there,
I would be extremely grateful if anyone familiar with the Samsung X15 plus model knows the type of graphics card that is in this laptop. i.e. is it a built in job (integrated) and part of the motherboard or is it one that is replaceable (Discrete).

I think it has a intel 855gm chipset (which i thought has built in graphics - the extreme one). But i am also pretty sure that it has the Nvidia 64mb GeForce FX Go 5200 card.

I ask because i recently aquired this laptop from my uncle and he said that he was using it one day and the machine just cut out. When he rebooted, the laptop had thick, flashing black/white vertical lines on it. You can see the windows log on page and desktop behind them. He took it to a shop and they did not look at it but suggested it could be graphics card. Could anyone confirm this. I have attached some pics below:
1. 1. Pic 1 = This shows the start up screen:

2. Pic 2 = This shows the welcome screen:

3. Pic 3= This shows the desktop:

As you can see from the pics, there are thick vertical lines throughout, from start up until desktop. They flash as well which is quite irritating and even more so when you move the pointer.

It has been connected to an external crt monitor and it still has the same problem, so its not the LCD etc. I am going to have a go at removing/reinstalling chipset and graphics driver but just wondered if anyone knew the graphic card situation.

Also if it does turn out to be the graphics card that is buggered and its integrated, i wondered what my options can be. Try and get a new motherboard? Anyone know rough price?. Laptop is about 18months old and so i would like to keep and use it.

Many thanks. Kevin

I'm stupid. The links i gave are wrong. They should be:
1. Pic 1 = This shows the start up screen:

2. Pic 2 = This shows the welcome screen:

3. Pic 3= This shows the desktop:

Sorry about that. I hope someone can get back to me on the above problem. Thank you. Kevin

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