After my windows totally crashed i thought it might be time to format my hard drive, taking it out of my computer and placing it in a friends i pulled off all the flies that i needed to keep. after putting it back into my computer i attempted to format it through the windows boot disk but i have no clue if it worked or not because when i went to install windows it said a windows directory was already present but the system said that the hard drive was completely empty (i only have the one drive). after restarting the computer it said that now my DVD drive was Master 0 and it could not dectect any hard disks. i went into BIOS and my hard disk is under Master 3 instead of 0. now when trying to install windows, windows says it cannot not detect any hard drives.


my hard disk is SATA Seagate Barracuda 160 gb

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When you put your hdd in your friends pc you would most likely have had to change the jumper settings to get it to work. Check them.


how do i check them?

my motherboard has 4 SATA slots and when i plug into each one it changes the posistion of the Master for the hard disk(when i move the cable down one slot it changes to master 2 and down again it goes to master 4), the closest i can get is 2. I think that my BIOS thinks my motherboard has 5/6 slots instead of 4


There are no jumpers for master or slave on SATA drives.

Is the hdd seen in the device manager?

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