my pc restarts everytime I turn it on..but it only restarts while booting so far i haven't experienced any restarting when i'm already on my desktop..and i've scanned my computer a couple of times already no virus.. is it the power supply?

AMD Sempron(tm) processor
1.60Ghz, 448mb of RAM

micosoft wondows xp

if it helps..
my AVR brand is DTS Premium Grade MC-500

If it restarts only while booting (?), then how do you get past it?

If it is regular switch on-boot-restart-boot again-normal, I say that it is a BIOS issue. Most probably CMOS battery drained. Side-effects would be loss of system date and time.

2nd guess: BIOS settings are not as they should be. (CPU or memory voltage too low).

3rd guess: one of the sticks/cards is bit loose and doesn't make contact properly.

4th guess would be failed overclocking.

There are more things that could cause restarts at boot-up, but these are top 4.

Thanks! I'll check out all those things you just said to be sure...:)