Hi all. Im building a comp using old parts and the new parts are a new hard drive and thing that holds all the parts together. Its all been put together but its not starting. I think i havent conected the motherboard too the On button correctly. my mobo is a 754pin 1869 agp. I think its the conection from front pc shell to mobo thats failing me. Or it could be all dead and a waste of my time and money .

Do you have to plug the usb things in or just need the power pins on the mobo. I done this before by trying and it worked but not this one. Can you guide me in the right direction please with connections. please. was thinking two comps would be good for online play when my brother comes round. please help me with these pins as if i get these in right and if it dosent start other parts must be broke.

Hmm.. well you can't simply throw old and new parts to gether and have a computer. You've got to make sure everything is compatible.. processor, ram, video card, etc.

Check your motherboard guide on how to connect the power button to the pc. There is usually 2 or 3 small wires that come out from the case and connect to the leds, power, main power, and reset button.

You don't really need anything plugged in except the motherboard, psu, and case power button.

the chip im using had like 3 bent pins and i straightened them do you think that is more likely the fault or im gettin the power to mobo connecters wrong?

oh yea, thats probly the problem. Try to straighten those as best you can..

Did that work?

i m gonna try that 2morrow. i thought they were all straight as it fitted to the board but i suppose i can go over and try an straighten them.

maybe take the chip from my working comp and place it into the older one but am scared ill damage the pins again. im gonna go over it tomoorow and ill post after that

Did that work?

hi i was shorted against my rig metal so i installed the long screw. its showing power to the fan but then stops. my comp wont turn on now lol im lost here.

What exactly happens? Does every component receive power for a brief moment, and then just shut off? Or is it just the psu fan? Have you made sure that the components are installed properly, and that the mb is correctly grounded to the case?

its not booting up when i put the power cord in the chip fan spins a few times then stops and then it wont turn on at all