I have an ACER LCD screen that fell off my suitcase this morning and cracked. I have been trying to find a replacement screen, with no luck. Have tried screentek, mpdparts, toledo computer, agparts, etc. with no luck. Does anybody know where I can find a replacement screen for my ACER Aspire series 3620 computer (14.1"). I am kind of desperate. ACER wants $649. to replace, which is more than I paid for the laptop. Thanks.


Heh, in my experience, your out of luck ;)

Ordered a new screen today. The process is:
1. Remove old screen from laptop
2. Get manufacturer and part number from back of screen
3. Google part number
4. Order from any one of a number of vendors that carry it.

Now: If you get a part number from ACER it will be an internal part number. There are only a small number of manufacturers of LCD displays. Teh part number ACER gave me was: 6M.AA6V1.012 with the claim that it was manufactured by Wistron Corp. Wistron Corp. put the computer together. They purchased the display from Quanta Display Inc. The Quanta Display Inc. part number is: QD14TL01 Rev: 2. The screen should arrive tomorrow. I ordered from idparts.com, 724-838-9588. Spoke with a VERY HELPFUL representative named Jacob. He should be rewarded immensely for his customer service.
Hope this helps somebody out there.

PS: SOmebody in AUstralia has a post on e-bay looking for an ACER screen. I don't know how to respond to him. Can anybody repost this reply there?

commented: VEry very helpful :) -'Stein +3

Fran, that's very helpful and good to know! :)

Out of curiosity, how much did it end up being?

Lastly, cant help ya with the man in Australia.

The monitor with shipping and everything came to $260.00 (next day shipping). Acer tech support wanted $649.00. It's been a great learing experience. Thanks for the comments. Fran

Just got my new LCD and its ONLY the LCD and I dont know how to mount it. Could anyone give me a quick guide??

I am new here. My question is: This guy on ebay offer to sell me a Acer laptop travelmate 4010. He said the screen is ok but his cousin squeezed it and the picture is still visible but will need to be replaced sooner or later. He wants $250.00. My question is does anyone know anything about this laptop? Also, if I have to replace the screen is it something that can be done myself? I just need a fast, inexpensive, reliable laptop. I would appreciate any help or advice offered.
Thank you

Ok, it was easy enough. Just take the tiny screw covers of each screw in the endge of the screen. Then undo it and replace the screen...Easy!

hi im from the uk and have somehow cracked my screen on my acer aspire i can not seem to find anybody that sells it much cheaper than buying a new laptop, does anyone know of a place to buy one where it is not going to cost me my soul

hi, i repair laptops based in bolton but can offer any laptop assistance. just email me *snip*

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