Hello All,
I have a Sony Vaio Laptop
Pentium 4 M - 2.2Ghz w/ 512MB RAM
Windows XP Pro

I have tried to install a TV Tuner Card (bought on eBay... cheap generic no name brand- though it states Philips chipset :$ ) on my laptop and it wouldnt let me. because I have no drivers. I am in the process of getting drivers, since the CD it came with seems to be corrupt. My problem is that I accidentally pulled out the TV tuner from the slot and now nothing happens when I insert it back in. I have even tried to put a flash card reader with a flash card inside and yet the same thing happens... nothing.. no beep.. no prompts... nothing. The PC is functional and fine regardless and it acts as if no card has been inserted at all. I have uninstalled the driver for the PCMCIA bus and it reinstalls and still yet nothing. I am at my wits' end. :@ Does anyone know what I can do? Thank you...

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In my experience of TV cards, they are incredibly temperamental and there are alot of dodgy ones out there. Even from the big names like Hauppage and Pinnacle.

The only thing I can think of is to go to the BIOS settings on your laptop and see if there are any settings there for the PCMCIA slots.

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