Hi there. I've been all over different forums trying to get some help with this, but have been unsuccessful so far.

The situation is: I want to hook my girlfriends laptop up to my Samsung HDTV (model TX-P3064W, link here: http://reviews.cnet.com/Samsung_TX_P3064W_CRT_TV_30/4507-6481_7-31205688.html?tag=sub)

For the time being, we've just been using an s-video cable. The quality is ok, but we have to listen to audio via the laptop, as there's no audio inputs with the s-video channel. I have a cable for headphone jack -> audio (the two white/red plugs), and I recently bought a cable for VGA to component. I had been hoping to use the latter to get some better quality, but so far haven't been able to get it to work. The most I've gotten was some flickers on the TV's component channel when I logged into windows, but nothing else.

The laptop I'm using has an old Radeon Mobility 9000 card. I updated it with the latest Omega drivers and programs.

Any suggestions? Is S-video the best quality I can hope to get with this laptop and the tv? If so, is there a way to get audio on the tv from the laptop?

I just want the best quality I can get, I'll get whatever cables I need. :) Thanks in advance for the help.

S-video is just video, go to your local radio shack and get an adaptor cable(Y cable) that has the mini plug on one end and two rcs plugs on the other. these plugs should be female. You will need two rca audio cables. Once you have these, plug the mini plug into the laptop and hook the two rca audio cables to the rcs plugs on the y cable that you just pluged into your laptop, now plug those two cables into the audio inputs on the back of the tv and you should have sound from the tv speakers.

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