I have been reading recently about this physx card....does anybody have any experience with it???? I don't want to spend 200 dollars on a card that does nothing.....

Dont get it. Not many games support it.

Even if the games don't support it......what about video graphics??? Like watching a video???

the card is designed to enhance the graphics of games that use the physx engine, (not many games do)

all this card does is to make explosions and bullet holes look a bit nicer ingame.
it wont make your game run faster, it doesnt boost graphical performance of your graphics card either.

its just an add on card

at the moment its not worth getting.

any games that dont support it wont utilise it

it doesnt help with watching videos or anything else other than games with the physx engine

hope that helps

another thing if you want decent graphics

spend your money on a new graphics card like the geforce 8800gt 512mb

its a lot cheaper than most and uses the new 65nm chip and is almost as good a performer as the 8800gtx 768mb card which is twice the price!

never buy the 8800gts version though


and youll need a good PSU and huge case for that

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