im tryin to put all of my old VCR videos onto the computer. I have a sony VCR which unfortunately doenst have an S-video port. I actually have two video capture cards in my pc... a Geforce 5600, and a pinnacle media centre 300i.. both of these have S-video.. the thing is im not really too sure which cables i need to connect. Ive been trying with a scart to s-video cable but so far to no avail! the scart cable has scart on one end and an s-video and two audio cables on the other end (left and right).
I was wondering if anyone could shed any light as im finding it really frustrating! :(




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sounds like an interesting challenge. I presume that your VCR has a scart output and this is how you normally connect it to your TV? Can you give me details of exactly how you normally send video signal to your TV, and whether you have successfully used your capture card(s) to capture video from any other source, eg Video Camera?


Yeah your right in assuming that my VCR has a scart output which is used to connect and send the video signal to the television, ive actually managed to succeed in sending the video since i last posted, using a Scart to s-video converter!It has a scart converter on one end which has inputs for an s-video cable and two audio cables which then plug striaght into the capture card and the sound card.

The problem ive now got is trying to get the software i normally use to recognise the feed. I managed to do it in windows movie maker which is nice but id rather be using Adobe premeir pro as this is what im used to using but i cant work out how to capture it, i know this is a change of subject from my original post but if u are familiar with premier pro - or with any opther video editing software i wuld much appreciate your advice because i really dont like windows movie maker!!!


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