Hello people
Yesterday morning i tried to boot up my PC. Everything went Ok but the monitor wont show anything. All the fans work properly(including the graphics card one) and so the leds but the monitor wont show anything. The monitor's power button keeps flashing all the time. I know it's not the monitor's fault since i tried it on another computer and worked fine. Any thoughts much appreciated guys.

-Thanks in advance

sounds like a bad graphics card maybe?

if it has onboard video try removing the addin graphics card and using that - if it works then we know you need a new card, if not then we can assumne its a bad motherboard and / or ram/cpu/psu

tried that but it wont work again. guess its the second one :(
also i forgot to mention that it did this before but after about 5 hours it worked well, but when i shut down the pc again at night, the next morning it wouldnt start

Hmmm can't real tell. It didn't smell burning. Could it be from overheating when the PC boots or it's just burned?