When I pit a cd in the cd romand try to open it in "my computer", "my computer" doesn't respond. This is in the HP computer that crashed and burned a few weeks back.Have gotten it back up and running and this I hope is the last problem I have with it.Is this a hardware or software problem?:@

My first guess would have to be hardware.

There are 2 things that you can do:

1. take the side off your case and make sure that the IDE cable that runs from your motherboard to you CD rom is firmly in place.

2. Try a new CD rom drive in there the problem could be with the CD drive itself there are any number of things inside it that could be causing the issue but CD/DVD burners are really cheap and easy to swap over these days that its not worth getting them repaired.

What OS are you using?

I'm using XP w\sp2, I hadn't through about the cables being loose, I'll check that out and I do have another cd burner Ican swop out.
Thanks for the advice, I'll try your sussesions and get back withyou.:)

Check to see if autorun is enabled, there is a good trouble shooting article here.

This is anwser everyone who responed so far on this problem. Checked the cabling. autorun was turned on. Trouble shooting farther led me to this: Intel 82801DB LPC interface controller had no driver loaded. Went to Intel site and looked for the driver and found out that that controller has a fairly high failure rate, and they didn't have a driver for it.The 82801DB chip is or was used for the IDE?ATAPI and the USB controller. So it looks like "build" time for this computer replacement. Newegg here I come!:idea:

Would like to take this time and Thank all of you that responed to this thread, your help was much apperecated(sic).

I'm no spelling bee champ that's for sure!