I keep getting
boot from cd:
boot disk error insert system disk
when I try to load up.

The drive is browsable from a temporary one which I added.
In the recovery console I have tried bootcfg /rebuild fixmbr and fixboot to no avail..

This problem occured after I installed the nvidia nforce4 system driver from a utility disc.

Help would be appreciated
Cheer, Blue.

Does your system get past the post? Do you see Windows logo at all?
Do you have a nvidia nforce4 installed?

RueB 2s De

With my temporary drive installed I can get past post. it functions normally, and I can view the contents of the main drive from the desktop.

Yes, it's definitely an nforce4 motherboard.
I use some hardrive diagnostics and it seems ok from that.

I would check that the cable is set to Master and the jumpers on the hdd are set to master.

Does this have Windows XP?

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