I have just had a new HD installed and upgraded memory by a friend. Since then I cannot view photos or pictures properly. All itmeson my desktop are too big, also, the text in all me documents is enlarged.
All colours are fuzzy.

I have tried to change the display settings but only have 2 or 16 colours available.

I think I may have the wrong driver for the monitor I have.

It is a Starview Lowradiation MPRII. Model No DE77oFA.
I have checked the list of drivers available in the Windows list and cant find it. (I am running Win 98SE).

Is there a driver that is compatible with my monitor? Or where can I find the correct driver. Or is the problem not that simple??
Please help, this is driving me nuts!

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Looks like you need to update your video card's driver. When the built in windows one is all that is running a card, sometimes all you get are two options like that: 2 or 16 colours, for example.

Find what card you have, and go to the manufacturer's website, get the latest driver and then see if it works good, if not then post back.

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