here is my problem: my Compaq presario SR1620NX just crashes almost every time I'm copying a DVD. The process I'm doing is:
Copy the files from the DVD to the hard disk
Create an iso file with the DVD files ---> * here the PC crashes *
Crashes means the PC shuts down and the power led starts blinking. There's no way I can make it come back other than unplugging it from the wall and plugging it again to turn it on from zero.
This is the most demanding task I do with my PC, so I'm not sure if the fact that it crashes when I'm creating the iso is just coincidence.
The characteristics of my PC are as follows:
Motherboard: MSI
PRocessor: AMD sempron
memory: 512 mb
I though it was the hard disk but I have a brand new now, and is happening the same. Any clue?
thanks, M

Does this only happen when you are backing up DVDs?

Try this, download Everest Home Edition and check and see what your voltages are while you're doing this.

Hi, well the same just happened to me tonight. I was watching a video in youtube, and suddenly, it crashed. The other day it crashed when I was running a short C program in DOS, with several threads, something kind of computational demanding.
I'll check the everest and let you know

I checked the everest software, so far, I can only see the temperatures, (btw, 210 F for the cpu is ok?) but the voltages are in hexadecimal, is there any way to retrieve this in another format?
Thanks, M

well I read that 210 F, or 100 C as I saw in my Amd Sempron (CPU Alias = Venice-128 S939) processsor is far from the 70 C I guess is the maximum for this processor. I guess this should be a probable reason. Do you think? probable solutions? I'm not cpu guru, but so far the cpu fan is working, so it's not the fan.
thanx, M

Yes, that would most definitely cause your problem. Open your case and make sure that the fan on your CPU is working, also look to see if there is an accumulation of dust on it as that also will cause the HSF to fail. Try running with the case open and see if there is any difference in temps.

I opened the PC, and try to let the AC of my room on when creating the iso files, and it didn't crash. I looked at the temperatures with the case open and still higher than the maximum but not as high as before. The fan is working, and I cleaned it. The other thing is that is close to the power supply and I read that is not recommendable. So, the fan is running and clean, why should the temperature be so high if the fan is working? this is happening since I bought the PC 1 year ago (reburbished) so I suppose it's the original fan that came with the PC. Any idea? thanx, M

That computer has a AMD Sempron CPU which normally runs a little hot, but not that hot. Check the heat sink to make sure it is properly attached.

What is everest showing for the rpm for your CPU fan?

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