so i have a sony vaio and we had xp put on it. i gave to my boyfriend and i was going through and deleting some programs that werent needed and i deleted some stupid picture package. well when we turned on the computer it loaded like usual but it came up with a fatal error message saying that the picture package couldnt be removed and to restart the computer and then it wouldnt load the rest of the way like you could click on all the desktop buttons but it wouldnt let you click on start or load any of the buttons on it the start bar. so i restarted it and then it took for every to shut down like seriously 20 minutes. and then when it loaded the next time it worked. well we turned on the computer again today and it did the same thing and so when it finally loaded i tried to remove that programm again and restarted the computer right away and then it when it reloaded it did the samething except no fatal error message so i restarted the computer and it wouldnt get pass the logging off stage and so i just turned it off...'

any advice???? thanxs

did you remove it properley via add/remove programs or did you simply delete it?

if you have the restore disc or xp installer try to load it back...but back all data before doing it...