Cant find a similar problem posted
Have 2 x 512 mb pc400 Dynet ram cards and both run fine on their own in either of the 2 slots ( a little slower of course), but both running together the Computer crashes or the programs shut down.
Pentium(r) 4, 3.0 ghz with 256 mb radeon graphics card and xp professional
All the info programs I run show me as having the 1 gig of ram
Anything memory hungry seems to be a problem.. google earth or divx conversion etc, but somtimes it crashes just for the hell of it.
I had this problem a year ago when I bought the computer but the problem seemed to resolve itself until a recent reinstall. I have updated all the drivers that would let me ....
Any suggestions?
I'm reluctant to buy new ram when the problem seems to be the rams aren't working together
thanks for reading.. Phill :-/

It would help to know the make and model of your computer and RAM. And what did you reinstall, and do you have sp2?

Motherboard P4M800Pro-8237
Intel (r)Pentium (r) 4 cpu
not a brand name computer just put together from bits ..
Yep has service pack 2 and the gazzilion updates that one gets over time
Complete reformat and reinstall all software...

Please provide the make and model of you RAM.

How do you have the RAM install, in slots 1 and 3?

Well I thought I had said what the ram was
512 mb pc400 Dynet
512 d 8ui - 5d
B4U8 18 R
BPMLLC Ei86014
Thats all thats written on the cards
and i only have two slots for the ram

The mother board is made by gigabyte and is a p 4 m800pro-8237
and ddr pc 3200 ram

I actually was able to find your RAM, but no spec other that 512 PC400 DDR, weird that they don't mention it being DDR2 much less PC2. I was able to find your motherboard which shows that it support DDR2 533 and 400 with two expansion slot with a max capacity of 2GB, but there was no reference to being able to run in dual channel.

You wrote that under heavy usage that the pair fail, what happens if you run just one of the modules under the same load?

This is weird, but it sounds like you may have a problem with the motherboard. Try downloading and run Memtest86, . This will either show that there is a problem with your RAM or point toward the motherboard.

Edit: Just curious here, the instructions for you motherboard were originally in Russian, is this where you are?

No im in wollongong sth of sydney australia...I bought this computer assemled from the local computer fair..a yr a go....Well i was thinking that they just musn't be working properly together...if I run google earth it crashes withing 60 seconds of use with the two rams.....but with either one of the rams in either of the two slots runs fine ..just slower....I run the windows diagnostic program for an hour and it was fine ..but haven't been able to get memtest86 to work ...cant get the computer to boot off the cd... I will keep trying to do that ..thanks a lot..phill

I thought I posted the following information last night, oh well...things happen.

You may need to go into you BIOS and set the boot order so that you Cd-ROM is the first boot device in order for the computer to boot from the mem86 CD.

Well got mremtest86 to run at last....just wasnt burning it to disc properly .. it run 8 hrs all night and not a single error. but i put both rams in yesterday and straight away google earth crashed 3 times and the computer rebooted itself while using explorer.. it must be a motherboard problem so I may have to look at buying a new one.. sob sob ..
thanks for your help. Phill