Ok this will be hard to swallow but here goes..

In 2005 I bought a brand new Toshiba Mx-35. I sold it un-used to a friend who brought it back the next day and told me the monitor went out.

We hooked it up to an external monitor and it worked fine, did all the f5 key stuff to switch it back ad forth from external to internal. but internal monitor (this is a laptop) still never worked. I gave him a new one and tried to restore this one with the disk thinking it was a software problem but since I didnt have a monitor I could not see what was going on and got a continuos beeping noise so I got nervouse and turned it off.

That was 2 years ago. now this computer has never been used. other than setting it up and it set up with no problem before my friend bought it.

now the other day I took it out of my cupboard (been there 2 years) because it was really botherin me that I had a laptop new laptop and it was just sitting. I am overseas so warrenty is no good as I purchased it in America.

now, I turned it on and to my surprise I see the Toshiba Logo on the screen. Monitor was working!

however it started beeping like before so I hit the escape key a few times and it booted to windows xp like it should, however after reading about beeping I opened notepad and the "v" key is running across the screen and across anything I open that has a text area.

I pressed very hard on several keys a few times and the "v" stopped running across the screen.

however, none of my keys on the keyboard are working I mean none, including fuction keys. everytime I boot up I have to hol down the escape key and let go of it at a certain time befoe it boots or I get the beeping and it says hit f1 for this and f12 for that which doesnt work because the beeing is the stuck key.

the built in screen key boardd works fine with no errors and I dont have a port to plug in an external keyboard.

I took out the keyboard it is clean as it is new. I took off the V key it has nothing under it like dust as like I said it was stored in plastic in my cupboard.

I reseated teh keyborad ribbon, no help I reseated teh ram no help, I removed the hard drive and booted up to get errors and it went to the sam place it goes with the had drive in, the Toshiba Logo Screen and beeps.

I cant get to bios or flash it because of havig to hold down the scape key toget it to boot and by pass the beeping. sometimes I have to do it several times before it boots to xp.

My contol panel shows keypard is fine and working. but thats expected since windows cant see that my keys are not working but has a keyboard.

The escape key must be workin since it works to alow me to boot upbut when windows loads it doesnt work either.

There are no drivers that I can find to re-install one.

Please someone out there have the knowledge to tell me what happened here? dead monitor then 2 years later it works but now has a keyboard problem it didnt have before I closed it down.

help please.


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I realize I already did what most people would have suggested, but can't soemone come up with anything that I have not done other than replace a perfectly new keyboard?

I see a lot of viewers but doesnt someone out there have any suggestions other than what is the typical solution since the typical solutions don't solve my problem.

Ok guys where are all the Techs? :)



so we are talking about an external keyboard here, or the keyboard attached to the laptop?

by the way, all laptops have a port for a keyboard, it is often the same port as the external mouse.


I did mention in my post that the Internal Keyboard is the problem, also, the Toshiba MX-35 has no port for external mouse or keyboard other than USB port.

I realize it is a lot to read but it is there. Hope you can help.



This thread can be closed, it turned out to be a software problem like I suggested,

Missing corrupt drivers I reinstalled from my recovery disk and hit the right one

Thanks for all the help.

Dr. Richard Golden

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