I need life support for a PC...

I came home and found the computer in a frozen state so I proceeded to press the reset button and since then it has not rebooted. The unit powers up and the hard drives powers up and the CPU fan and case fans but it just hangs. There is no output to the screen , tried both the TV out and monitor. The fan on the video card also works as does the LED on the fan.

Tried removing and reseating the video card
Tried removing RAM and the computer chirped at me
Tried restarting with RAM in different slot
Tried a brand new video card
Removed all other cards
Disconnected DVD drive
Disconnected hard drive


I am about to conclude that the mother board is causing the flat line. Do you recommend trying a new RAM stick ?

Thanks in advance for advice.....

Its not the ram.

Have you tried to format the computer?

Maybe your settings in your bios got wiped, Can you get into the bios?

Does it beep on start up?

No it doesn't beep, it just hangs and I can not get into the BIOS because the screen does not show anything - both the monitor and a television (from the TV out)

what kind of motherboard do you have