This is my first post so here goes. I have a emachine M6811 laptop that got the blue screen of death. Running the restore CD worked until it felt like turning itself off and just shut off. I have replaced the hard drive and the restore CD has the same end result. I have pulled the memmory and reinstaleed it. It will boot into bios setup with no problem, but if it sits too long it again shuts itself off. I have tried to reboot from a windows XP home cd and it loads fine till the setup screen comes up and then it shuts itself off again. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.:?:

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This could be overheating, make sure that the fans are running properly, take a can of air and blow out the dust.

If you download Everest Home Edition you can check the temperatures.

You also could look in the event viewer to see what is showing up there at those times. Go to start, programs, administrative tools, event viewer. At the top of the page on the right hand side is a column titled event, you should be able to google that number to see what the cause is.

My hard drive is blank, no operating system at all, how can I check temperatures without an operating system? Thank you

I posted this answer in the wrong thread...apologies.

yeah it sounds like its overhating. My thinkpad does this

I'm going to replace the heat sink and fan to see if it solves the problem.

I had a similar problem I put these fans underneath because the notebook would overheat and would shut

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