This is a real troubling problem. My laptop was working fine one day, and then the next(I did nothing to it) I turn it on and a grey screen pops up. It turns on but all you can see is a grey screen. Is this a problem with my screen or what. My mom told me that my dog got on my desk and was on my computer she didn't say it fell or anything. Anyone else had something like this happen? I hope it is an easy fix.

Thank you all in advance.

This sounds as though your Graphics adapter might well have gone. Unfortunately these are soldered into the motherboard so aren't easy to fix. Your best bet is probably to replace the motherboard in this instance


Another question, does this just happen overtime? Is there nothing I can do to prevent?

Also I had a lot of files on the computer, and I was thinking about getting another computer since that one was getting old, so should I just get someone to get the hard drive out and transfer the files on my new computer. Would this be cheaper than getting a whole different motherboard?

thats ok. :)
In answer to your question these things do happen over time and like a lot of electrical components can only take so much stress before they blow. There's nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening unfortunately.
Considering that a new laptop now costs as little as £300 it could well be worth your while investing in one and getting the files migrated to your new machines hard disk.

I’m at Dell Headquarters in Austin, Texas and I just came across this thread and thought I would comment. The easiest way to find out if the problem is the LCD or the video card/integrated vid/cable is to see if it works with an external monitor. If so you can also open it up and make sure that the LCD cable isn't just loose and needing to be stuck back in place. If it does turn out that a major component is in need of replacement and the system is out-of-warranty then I would definitely consider buying a new laptop if it's only a few hundred dollars more.

Dell, Inc.

Yes I will have to try this. Thanks a lot. My warranty was already out, and I had already made the desicsion of getting a new laptop. But would I have to fix my old computer to get the files transfered, or could they just take of the hard drive and do it from there. That is what I would assume would happen, and I could just go to a computer store and get this done prob. for a cheap price. Do you know what a good price is for file transfering, since I guess I would have to get the hard drive removed?

No you wouldn't have to worry about fixing it in order to retrieve your files. Theres two options - you can get the files migrated to the new drive or you can get a drive caddy and pop the old drive into that. Depending on where you are a good price range would be £35-£45.

Ok thats all the questions I have. Thanks a lot for everyones help, and it is always appreciated.

Thats ok. always glad to help out. :)

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