I just got back from vacation and popped in a cd i put pictures on from my vacation. It says it doesnt have any files on there but i know it does because the disc had the pictures on them at the computer i used on vacation. In the properties of the disc it says there is 0 used space and 0 free space. I dont know if i finalized it or not. Does that matter? I have three different dvd/cd drives and non of them can read this disc.

Does any1 know what my problem culd be and how i coul fix it?

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Can it read your other disks?

same with the other CD it can't read-

it has a 0 free space and 0 used space when i look at on its property.


When you say the other cd, do you mean there are only 2 that it can't read? How about your program disks, all other disks? cdroms do go bad.


What sort of disc have you burnt the files on + or - R and check that whatever format it is matches up with the sort of drive that you have.

Also just wondering what country you live in and what country you vistited on holidays. I dont know if Burnt CD's are subject to Zoneing or not but this could be your problem.


maybe it was ruined by the airport machines? also, try lokking at the properties of the CD to give you an idea of what format it is and everything.


the airport machines would do that to a CD i think it would still do saomething if it was a floppy disc but you cant really get rid of the data on a CD short of physical damage.

Just to clarify you are talking about 700mb CD's here not DVD's (4.7gb) because that would definately cause the problem especially if you dont have a DVD drive in your computer


If there not finalized it may cause problems if you run them on PCS which do not have the exact burning software you used installed.

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