have an Inspiron 8100 that was not working for quite a while.

I decided to try and start it with a charged battery from
another machine.
It started, and would work on battery power...the AC power would work
ONLY after starting it from the battery. It still would not start with
AC power plugged in
so I resorted to starting via battery then plugging
If it does happen to get turned off, it will only start from battery again, if I pull out the battery for a few hours

Most of the time I use it in standby.

I replaced the DC power board and the power supply and it still behaves the same way.

There has to be a solution to this. Any ideas.

hi rob,

if ever you get the chance to power on your computer go to BIOS set-up and try to Load All Default Settings or Try to reset the BIOS..Don't know if it will work..but just TRY..

Thanks but the Dell bios has no reset to default... and I have installed the latest bios to it more than once.
Any other ideas?

thanks for the reply, if your bios is already updated then most probably some of the IC that controls the power circuit is not functioning properly