Hi peoples,

I've got an LG L1510S LCD monitor and my screen display is buggered.I left the computer for about 30 minutes and now I can't play a game and on the desktop I have these little black lines above the icon text. I had a little look at LG's useless support and found the troubleshooting in the manual. I pressed AUTO/SELECT and it wasn't any better.

I dunno if this is any help but I've now figured out that some of these black lines are shadows.

Hmm... interesting.. What were you doing prior to this problem? So you tried reseting your monitor, and nothing happened? Do you have another monitor or computer lying around the house?

First of all, I would suggest a cold boot (Turn everything off completely, and cut off power to your mb). Next, boot it up and see if its still all screwy.. if so, try connecting a different monitor and see if the problem is still evident..

Tell me what happens.

I was on the 'net prior to this problem. I tried to cold boot and that didn't work. I connected the monitor to a different computer and the monitor was fine, so I think the graphics card is stuffed. Also, my graphics card is a GeCube ATI Radeon 9800XT 128MB AGP card. I'm thinking of getting an ASUS NVidia 7600GS 256MB for half the price of the card I have now. What's ATI's equivalent of the 7600GS

How long have you had the current graphics card? Personally, I prefer pci express over agp..

But anyway, I suggest you open your case, take the card completely out and perhaps vacuum your case out a bit.. then re-seat your card. Make sure that it isn't getting overheated either.

I got an ASUS Nvidia 7600 GS for AUD$155 and it works. I had the graphics card for 4 years.

Did you try my suggestion about taking it out, and cleaning it a bit?

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