Thanks for the great information here - it’s been a good resource.

Question :
I have a Toshiba Tecra A1 with a screen problem. Half of the screen is composed of wide black vertical stripes (which sometimes will appear as shades of gray/green.)

Here is an image of the problem :

I’ve tried :
*reseating the connectors to the LCD / Mobo
*external monitor test (works fine)

But no luck. One suggestion has been that
“the contacts on the display edge have
separated, which means replacing the whole LCD unit”

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

Yes in deed you will need to get monitor replacement. Same think happends to me on my laptor after just one mont of use. I hope you have warranty on your machine as to pay from own pocket would be expensive

Yes - I think it is the LCD as well.

The Samsung LCD that the notebook uses starts at $235 US retail, but I managed to find it for $90 on Ebay used...I will update this thread once I've installed and tested it.


Well, the Ebay LCD was dead-on-arrival, but luckily, it was just the result of a wire pulling out of the LCD controller plug (on the LCD).

I taped the wire and it was fine - so that confirmed that the problem was *definitely* the orginal LCD screen - it may be that the LCD 'cracked' or had a component separation somewhere delicate.

Thanks for the info and advice - acijanos