Hi there

My powermac tower G5 was working fine until yesterday and today the screens wont receive signal from tower. I just bought two Samsung monitors and installed it to the computer it work fine for a couple of days and now it does not receive the signal from the tower neither does my older monitors.

what can i do? is this the video card, the vga adaptor or something else inside the computer.

thank you and sorry i can not give more information about the computer, the screen does not turn on! Ufffff.

Thank you very much

Well you said that the same monitor that u use works on other computer correct?
It could be your Video card could be goin bad. I would sugest that if you have another video card that you can use on the computer, Try to see if that works any better.
Also Check the connecton on the card and the MB because it could be a little lose so detach it and make sure its fully connected?

Try these options and let me know if it helps

Well you can also try to take out the card and clean its gold finger connector with a good eraser and when you put it back you should see to that the card is firmly sited on its connector so as to make a good contact with the mother board, i honestly hope that its just the card acting up with its gold finger contacts, good day