Hello everyone. I just installed a new display on a dell inspiron b130. It works but.... there are four desktops . The screen is neatly divided into quarters. I have been through all the display properties that the onboard graphics chipset has to offer and nothing seems to have any effect. The windows options don't offer much more of anything that looks usefull in this situation unless I have missed something. The display and driver have both been reinstalled but it did not help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Daddyyo

Could you please give me Model and Ver of your New Graphics Card plz and i will be able to look into this problem for you because with out that info im kinda stuck so send me that info and ill see what i can do


mobile intel 915/gms,910gm express chipset.

Well im still looking into your problem.
Try these if you can
Put that graphics card into a differnt computer to see if the same thing happens again.
If you can try to check the BIOS to see if its in the right settings.
Ill get back to you if i find anything more helpful

There is no card. The graphics are built into the motherboard. However it did fail a hardware diagnostics test I ran at startup. The lcd connection failed. It's either connected wrong or the display is faulty. It has a ninety day warranty so I'm not particularly worried if the panel is bad.I'm going to take it apart again and check the inverter even though it is new too.

That sounds that a good idea but if you dont get it fixed i would take it back and let them know whats goin on cause it could be faulty.

Well let me know what happens?

yes , as soon as I am able.

any broken pins on the cable going from monitor to video connector?

Sorry it took so long to reply. The problem was the connector evidently. I reconnected everything and it works fine now. Thanks for the responses.