Hello everyone. I'm currently using an ATI Raedion 9600XT. As you know, its outdated and sorely needs upgrading. Now, I still use AGP 8x, and really dont' want to go about upgrading just yet to PCI-E based mobos. I was at Best Buy today and saw the X1300 on the shelf for 160some dollars. Having never heard of this card, is it "better" than the x800 XT? I've lookd at a comparison chart here, http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/131 and have concluded that it is indeed, not better. However, I'd like to hear from some of you. Please keep in mind that Im' a gamer, and would prefer to go for a card that will last me a good while (as I'm preparing for Oblivion's coming out in March.) and be of good value. On the other hand I was looking at the X800XT, for AGP 8X, and it seems like a pretty good card, albiet it is still over $300. (320 being the chapest one I found). So what would you all suggest I get, the X1300 (or other X1*** cards) or go for a X800XT or related card? It just seems a little odd to me that they would make a card called the X800, and a card the X1300, but have the lower number be a better card.

You might want to look into a 7800GS - might be just what you need to inject a new lease of life into your aging AGP system, provided you have the PSU to back it up!