Last month i lost everything from my IDE hard disk, that was 80Gb with 4 partition in it. in first partition (C:) was the OS windows XP. operating system wasn't working. then i tried to see my files in dos mode but it was showing no partition in my hard disk and not formated. i tried to found out if there have any way from dos mode to recover any data but i failed. then i format the entire hard disk. and make 2 new partition in it. then today i saw this web site. now i'm thinking is there have any way to recover my lost data from that hard disk. if any one can help me please about this. thanks

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I have not seen any free programs that can retrieve or recover the files in dos mode. No way to retrieve or recover your files anymore. You have already formatted your disk. Since you have formatted your disk with NTFS format you won't be able to see this drive on dos mode.

I think what you should do is reinstall xp without tampering your existing partitions means as is. Just reinstall only your xp in C:\drive and then the existing partitions are still intact.

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